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It is unusual for us to get snow in October…granted it is almost November, but almost doesn’t count. We got six inches of that damn white stuff. Just south of us, maybe fifteen minutes away, got a dusting and an equal distance north of us got twelve inches. It was a heavy, wet snow. Very heavy. We had a beautiful tree (I want to say it was hickory, but not sure on that. I am not a tree connoisseur). That tree is nothing but a pile of brush now. The wet snow clung to all the leaves it normally does not have in the snow-falling season. The weight of it brought that tree down like a deflated balloon. Thankfully it did not hit the house or the shed and the fence was kind enough not to buckle. All in all, we came out of it in good shape. I will miss that tree though.

Here are two pics.


 The first from a major snow storm we had a couple of years ago. The tree survived that one.

The second pic is of the same tree yesterday.

The tree-cutters are working on it now. I’ll post pics of it when it is gone.

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Apparently I Think I Am Superwoman

Have you ever looked at your schedule and gone  *eyes bulging*  WTF?!

Yeah, that is where I’m at right now. I mean, really, who actually thought I could get all that accomplished…oh, wait…

Then you realize you did it to yourself and now is the time to put up or shut up…

This is me. Shutting up because I have a lot, and by a lot I mean a hellaciously large amount, of things to do today.

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It is fairly certain we will be moving to Florida within the next five years. I would be shocked if it took that long. Three years max. My mother-in-law is becoming quite the handful when it comes to her pain meds. This situation is pulling my husband apart. He wants to be down there to help out and shake his finger at his mom so bad he keeps mentally shaking his finger at me. And, no, of course I don’t deserve it. Whatever would make you think that!

The other reason I know we will be moving to Florida is – because I REALLY WANT TO! It is warm there. It is not warm here. At least not enough for me. And the snow. I mean, really. Has anyone ever asked Mother Nature if snow is even necessary? It seems a total waste of water to me. Just dump that whole damn lot of it in the ocean. It will counter that whole global warming thing. See I solved that in, what?, less than a minute. Come on, Mother Nature. Get with the program!

I’m thinking St. Augustine. He is thinking closer to Jacksonville. Guess which one of us is going to win that argument. Go ahead. Guess.

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