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Drafty World

So Tuesday, it was severely windy in my neck of the woods. And cold. Very cold. In my house even. The previous owners were Harry Homeowners, meaning they liked to fix things themselves. Like wallpapering the bathroom with giant cute little bunnies because that is the perfect size to have in a claustrophobic size half bathroom only your guests use. Like having a GFI outlet in the basement on an outlet no one could possible use. Like hooking the outside lights on the same breaker as the washer/dryer because that won’t cause any problems.  Like replacing the front door with a door that doesn’t fit properly because the color matches the siding.

I don’t really notice it until the wind picks up. Then that crack between the door and the door frame seems more like a crater. It becomes very difficult to heat the main level of my house. So for this reason I didn’t notice that the heater wasn’t doing as good of a job as it usually does.

Until Wednesday.

When it wasn’t as windy, but the outside temp was in the single digits.

And the inside temp was freezing!

It was twelve degrees cooler in my house than I like. Actually it was two degrees cooler than I like. The other ten degrees made it damn cold!

My husband, who is actually pretty handy, worked on it for a while and managed to get it running better – amazing what changing the filter can do! Then it got a whole three degrees warmer in the house. That electric blanket came in very handy last night.

Today the outside temp isn’t bad, so the heater has had a chance to catch up. Thank goodness, because the next step was to put a fire pit in my family room.

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