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Just In Time

Note: I originally planned to post this yesterday, but yesterday was a sad day (today is too, but a more manageable sad day).

Friday, my son left for Florida – the Panhandle specifically. Check in at the university was on Saturday and he wanted to have two days to make the 16 hour trip.

*drum roll, please*

There was an exploding truck.

A raging downpour.

Crazy drivers.

And Isaac.

Yes, my son arrived at college just in time for the campus to shut down for Tropical Storm Isaac (which is now Hurricane Isaac).

I’m convinced my son is the sole reason I am going grey.

Update: He is fine. He is currently holed up in his residence hall with nothing to do until classes resume on Thursday.

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Life Is A Little Sadder Here

There comes a moment when our lives become crystal clear. The path is set. That first step is waiting to be taken. That moment came to me when my grandmother died. She had been battling leukemia for a few years and Alzheimer’s for slightly less than that. Disease changes a person. Some for good. Some for not so good. Alzheimer’s did that to my grandmother with a little help from the leukemia. She was in constant pain and she was lonely. Almost everyone of her generation had gone before her, including her soul mate, my grandfather. In the end she went peacefully which was ironically a stark contrast to her life. It was at her funeral I knew that something in my life had to change. It took me a couple more years before I figured out what it was. Despite my grandmother’s lack of diplomacy or tact or manners at the end, I had found a sense of fulfillment from taking care of her. I had found my calling – nursing.

Today another of those moments has occurred for me. I have been taking classes at a nearby university for my nursing degree. This is my final semester. I graduate in December. The professors in the nursing program have been by and large an inspiration. One particular professor – who I will not name out of respect for her family – was an exceptional inspiration and an exceptional person. She was warm, friendly, kind, compassionate. A beautiful person. She had a way of taking a situation and, with just a few words, turning the whole thing on its head so I would look at it differently, more compassionately. I am honored that I spent a whole semester in her care. I am even more honored that she came to speak at my induction into the university’s honor society. She exemplifies the type of nurse I want to be.

Today is the day I had to say goodbye to her. She passed away this morning from a year plus battle with leukemia. The world is a little sadder here without her in it. She will, however, always be in my heart.

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Date Night

Last Friday, my husband and I were planning a date night…actually a date day as we had planned to be home around 7pm. The original plan was to catch dinner at my fav restaurant, then a movie. My criteria for movies is 1) something blows up, 2) has a hot guy and hopefully something blows up, 3) has a butt-kicking girl, and/or 4) has Sandra Bullock. So to recap, if it is a chick flick and does not have Sandra Bullock, I probably have not seen it. We decided to go see The Bourne Legacy which meets criteria #2.

The universe had other ideas.

Right before we were leaving, my husband let our dogs out for a romp through the yard. A few moments later there was some excited beagle yipping. This rarely bodes well.

Our evil beagle, Ginger, had found a bunny nest nestled against the trunk of a pine tree. Thankfully, our two labs had not yet heard the Call To Arms, so my husband only had to wrestle one determined beagle.

The nest had two baby bunnies with their eyes still closed. One was out of the nest [thanks to Ginger], the other was still bundled among fur and pine needles in the cozy nest their mother had made.

What mama bunny would make a nest inside a fenced yard with three dogs? Three dogs that had constantly chased her out of their domain. She definitely was not a candidate for Mama Of The Year.

I had no earthly idea what to do with baby bunnies, especially ones with their eyes still closed. I did know they could not stay in that nest – no amount of fencing was keeping the evil one away – and with three dogs and three cats it was unlikely I could keep them safe in the house. Several calls later, including one to the vet, we found a small animal rescue within an hour drive that agreed to take them.

There went our dinner plans.

We drove out to the rescue place, dropped off the babies, and asked if they had directions to the movie theater from their place.

Ha ha ha.

Why yes, they did, however a trailer full of explosives had overturned on the highway at eight that morning and the highway was still closed. All traffic was being diverted down their road which was the road we were trying to avoid as we had seen that long, long, long line of cars on our way in.

We did not have much hope in getting to the movie on time, but there was a very nice person in that long, long, long line of cars that let us get ahead of him. That person is probably the very reason we managed to squeak into the movie on time.

The movie was fantastic. I loved the way they put snippets of the prior Bourne movies into the mix to help explain the storyline. My only issue was the camera was up too close on the fight scenes – made it more difficult to fully appreciate the choreography.

My tummy rumbled through the whole movie.

We didn’t have much hope on finding food afterwards, it was a Friday night. My second favorite restaurant had a line out the door. My third favorite restaurant was across town, so we settled on a restaurant we rarely ever visit. Had to wait quite awhile, but the food was good and the waitress didn’t seem too frazzled – yet. Getting home afterwards was a lot easier.

Got to give credit to my husband. He was willing to drop everything to drive an hour out of our way to drop off two tiny baby bunnies who had little chance of survival outside their nest [though I would argue they had even less of a chance inside their nest]. This on top of the fact there was a good chance we would not have made that movie and we had already paid for the tickets.

So, not the date night we had planned, but we saved two baby bunnies. I’ll take it.

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Voting is the number one right that every American citizen has. While I will not tell anyone for whom to vote, I am asking (begging, pleading, on my knees…oh, ouch, okay, not on my knees) that you vote on November 6th. Due to the recent census, all seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs. That is 435 politicians shaking hands, hugging babies, doing all the suck-up-to-voter things they do…and, well, yes, the presidential election is also happening.

And, please, please, please, do not listen seriously to what they say on the campaign trail or in those horrible television ads. A campaigning politician is about as honest as a 2 year old with a broken cookie jar nearby. Know their voting history. If you do not know how your Congressperson has voted, go here. It breaks it down very nicely.

Remember: voting is important.

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17 Days ‘Till My Reality Check

In seventeen days my last semester of college starts. 17 days!

My anxiety is in overdrive.

Last semester damn near killed me. Between clinicals, class, family and trying to stuff volumes of knowledge in my middle-aged brain, a mid-life crisis sounded like a fascinating thing to try.

This semester looks to be equally as daunting. Then there is that nasty licensing exam to take after graduation. As if 600 hours clinical experience, 700 hours in class, and twice that studying was enough to assure I won’t kill anyone, they tack on a mindnumbingly stressful exam. So, to recap, I could have spent the past two years of my life having patients poop, spit, pee, and vomit on me only to find out – by failing one exam – that I am not qualified to be pooped, spit, peed, or vomited upon.

On the flip side, if I pass I’ll have a license to use long, pointy needles.


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