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Executive Decision

Yesterday I made an executive decision to switch from the elliptical to my Wii Fitness routine. It takes the same amount of time, but has a longer warm up/cool down period. Then today I went back to the elliptical. Here is what I found out (which everyone else probably knows):

  • My running (if going fast on the elliptical could be called running) went smoother today then it did two days ago.
  • My abs hurt, but they have stopped being the fire-breathing dragon I endured yesterday.
  • My arms and chest hurt today (thanks to the pushups), but that did not affect being on the elliptical which was very nice.
  • I’m hoping the arms holdup tomorrow when I switch back to the Wii Fitness routine.

After having my epiphany today, I did some research. Apparently fitness experts say the body needs to rest in between workouts, change it up, blah blah blah.

I’m not going to lie to you, Margaret, exercising still sucks. I do not like doing it. I do not want to do it. But I think I can do it, and will do it, which is the important part.

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The Day After Sucks

Yesterday before I went to bed, I felt a little sore. This morning I had trouble rolling over in bed! I’m not sure which hurts worse, my inner thighs or my hips…and oh, gawd, my abs! I understand my legs hurting and my hips, but I completely underestimated – as in didn’t think of it at all – what it would do to my abs. Eating breakfast hurt. At first I thought maybe my period was coming early, like two weeks early with fire-breathing, muscle clenching I-think-I’m-going-to-cry cramps. But no. My body is rebelling against Operation Jiggle Less with enthusiasm.

Maybe 25 minutes was too long. Maybe I should have started with, oh, five minutes of intense walking.

But I am not a quitter – which is unfortunate, as this whole thing would be so much easier if I was – so Operation Jiggle Less is still a go.


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Operation Jiggle Less started today with my new iPhone app 5K. What was the motivation, you ask? My lovely not so subtle husband registered us for a 5K run in May. So in a little over three months, my husband believes I am going to run 3.2 miles. As of right now I can barely walk that. He is ever the optimist. And no, I didn’t yell at him. That would have been absolutely appropriate unfair. After all he is just looking out for my health. I should be grateful he hates me cares so much.

All kidding aside, I do need this. My husband knows me well. If I didn’t have an unbreakable unavoidable goal, I would sit on the couch eating bon-bons until I exploded.

I could have called this Operation 5K Run, but after exercising today I think the current name is much more fitting. I know all these jiggling bits did not happen overnight. I have chosen to ignore them. It is however, very hard to remain in denial when they all started jiggling at the same time – running is hard.

And in case anyone is interested, the app helps build up from a walk to a walk/run, to a run/walk, then to a mostly run. Today it was 15 minutes of walking, with intermittent running for a total time of 25 minutes. I am cheating a little by doing it on an elliptical machine (d-damn it is cold outside) and having a fan run full blast on me the whole time (I hate to sweat).

Now I just need to go downstairs and grab a six pack of donuts fat-free yogurt

Operation Jiggle Less is a GO!

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