2nd Obstacle: Exercise

29 Jan

Update on my last post, I finally settled for eating around 1,350 calories a day. I’ll see how that goes and adjust accordingly.

Now on to my next obstacle: exercise.

I did a google search for the amount and type of exercise I should engage in for weight loss. I got 274,000,000 items that matched my search criteria. Good googly moogly!

I picked three sites because 274 MILLION, ya’ll !?!!! The Mayo Clinic stated I would need at least 150 minutes a week of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity and I should do strength training at least twice a week. However, that is the basic guideline, losing weight means I need to exercise more than that. An article on smart fitness on the NBC News website said that the amount of exercise to lose weight was dependent upon risk factors, age, and current weight. The CDC also stated that strength training needed to work all major muscle groups. Nice that.

Moderate activity, according to the various websites, is brisk walking, swimming or mowing the lawn (I am going to assume they mean with a push mower). Vigorous activity is running and aerobic dancing. So how do I determine if what I am doing is moderate or vigorous? If I am to use sweating and being out of breath as an indicator, walking up the stairs is vigorous activity, though it was not listed as such on any of the websites.

Well, here goes…

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