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At my house, we never celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ever. I don’t have anything against Hallmark and the makers of chocolate and candy (actually I really, really like the makers of chocolate and candy – a little too much). It’s the holiday itself and the stress it puts on people (mostly guys) that bothers me. No one should feel obligated to buy stuff or make plans because someone somewhere decided that on a particular day (in February, no less) things must be done to make your significant other feel special. That is just ridiculous. I much prefer to receive flowers on a nothing special day, then receive those same flowers on a day he is supposed to get them for me.

On that same note, I would love to get chocolate and candy and cake and other goodies…but I have this weight loss thing going.

About that…I am not doing so well. I have reduced (greatly) my intake of sweets. I have been watching what I am eating. The scale is not reflecting any of that. I think I know why.

Growing up, we were poor. Really poor. What was put on the plate was eaten because there was no guarantee there would be more later. As a result I have a portion control problem. If it is on my plate, I eat it. It is nearly impossible for me to not eat it. I can’t stand the waste. Also I am having a hard time judging how much to put on my plate so I won’t be hungry. And like all my other google adventures, there is really no definitive answer on what constitutes a meal.

Why is weight loss such a hard thing to pin down? Considering how long people have been trying to do this and how many people are doing it, there should be a better system.

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