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Veteran’s Day

I know I have been gone awhile – that whole nursing school thing – but I could not let Veteran’s Day pass without a post. Below is a picture of my grandfather in his World War II uniform. Obviously, he came home safe. There were a whole lot more that did not and still do not today. To them, I express my extreme gratitude for the sacrifices they and their families make to keep the world a little safer for us.


Happy Veteran’s Day to all veterans past, present and future. May there be a day when we remember your sacrifices without the caveat of expecting more.

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Glad To Be Living In This Century

Moved my mother and step-dad to Florida a month ago. Actually me, my husband, my son, my step-brother, and his daughter + a “friend” helped load up two trucks so they could drive themselves to Florida. It was a very long 12 hour day of back-breaking work. Or in my case, foot-killing, as I have plantar fasciitis. And an even longer 30+ hours for them with that long drive tacked on at the end.

So for only the second time in my life, I do not live near my mother. I got to tell you it feels a little odd. We aren’t a close-knit family. I have tons of cousins living in the nearby area (within 50 miles). I do not see/talk/hear from any of them. I am not shunning them. They are not shunning me. We just are not close family-wise. And my mother and I are not of the talk everyday type, but I have always known she was nearby. Well, there was that year she spent in Mississippi, but…I don’t really count that because it was one of those flamingly horrific mistakes we don’t talk about much like fight club! (Sorry movie reference)

At the same time that it feels odd, it also feels okay. With social media so prevalent (aka I am blogging!) my mother and I still are in touch with each other, even if that “in touch” means we troll facebook, twitter (or my blog! hint hint) for information. Is that the same as seeing each other face-to-face? No, but I don’t feel the need to be present all the time and I know she does not either. She is a you-come-to-me type homebody. Not a bad thing, just means the visits were longer if I went to her house than if she came to mine.

My generation is luckier than the generations that came before. We can be long distances away from our family and still be able to reach out and connect. Social media, cell phones, skype, apple’s facetime are all ways we can ignore distances and nurture relationships.

I am so glad to be living in this century.

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Christmas was relatively calm at my house this year. Partly due to the fact we did not go visiting at all this year. Economic issues on the party of my side of the family and a non-ability to travel to my in-laws contributed immensely to this calm, quiet holiday. We spent the morning eating pancakes, opening presents, and just enjoying each other’s company. The afternoon was spent playing with said presents.

I actually feel a little guilty for the quiet. We called everyone. Wished everyone a Merry Christmas. But it isn’t the same. It’s not like we have spent every Christmas at someone’s house. My job requires I work some holiday every year. This year I lucked out and did not have to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I think knowing that we had the whole holiday open and not taking that opportunity to visit either my family or his just does not sit right with me. Knowing our presence would have been a financial burden to my family (my step-dad has been without a job since April) kept us from inviting them to our house (price of gas) or visiting them at their house (price of food). Offering to bring food or pay for the gas would have been seen as charity and refused outright. Might be I feel more guilty over being able to afford these things knowing they cannot.

On the other hand, not being able to travel to my in-laws (they live 850 miles away) does not carry the same load of guilt. That much travel requires being able to be away for days – at least three: two for travel and a day to visit. Neither my husband nor myself would have been able to pull that one off.

The good news about Christmas was my son was able to come home and spend a few weeks with us. It was nice having him back in his room, making the usual mess, and keeping us up at night. Felt like a normal life with a teenager.

To everyone out there who had a nice quiet Christmas, I understand. To those who had a fun-filled, rowdy, family-filled Christmas, I want to be you next year.

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Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah (though I realize I am late with this one)

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Whatever Holiday You Celebrate During This Time

*whew* I think that covers it.

May you have love, laughter, and someone special to enjoy the day!

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Car. Bad.

So in that same vein of my car having an invisible bullseye painted on it. Or maybe it is just karma.

My son came home for Thanksgiving awhile back…you know, awhile back, like at Thanksgiving. And because at no time could we as a family do anything without a little drama, he was sick.

Sick as in throwing up the whole plane ride back kind of sick. Dehydrated and talking out of his head kind of sick. So sick the stewardesses had the paramedics meet him at the gate kind of sick.

And where was I, you ask? I was at baggage claim waiting on him with no earthly idea that my son was at the gate vomiting into a vomit bag and being persuaded by the paramedics to take him to the hospital.

The airport authority calls my house because if my son is coming home on a plane, obviously I would be home. My husband, thankfully, was home and called me, who was at the airport.

And here is where I apologize profusely to anyone who had been waiting in that long line at the Delta counter as I busted my way to the front to demand a security pass so I could get to my son on the other side of the neutral zone.

And here is where I apologize profusely to the elderly couple at the security gate slowly taking off their shoes, jewelry, and the seven hundred other personal items they decided to take on the plane that day. I grabbed a tub, threw shoes, keys, wallet (because I refuse to carry a purse!), and phone into the tub and slam dunked it onto the conveyor belt.

And this is where I apologize profusely to the TSA agent who just had to get a band-aid for the must have been howlingly painful paper cut she had received just that second.

And then I ran fourteen gates.

Why did I morph into Crazy Mom From Hell? Because my son is diabetic and “talking out of his head” is code for “very scary sick.” The paramedics tested his blood sugar. It was 539. Normal is below 150 or 120 or 100 depending on which endocrinologist you ask. Bottom line, my son was nowhere near normal. And he was dehydrated which was making it worse.

I did not, however, have them take him to the hospital. He needed fluids and insulin, things I could give him without the need for a hospital stay. As a veteran mom of a diabetic kid – I should probably say adult now as he is in college – I have been through this a time or two.

I got him to my car and drove him home. A day later he was back to his usual self.

I just really wish he had used the vomit bag while in the car.

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It is fairly certain we will be moving to Florida within the next five years. I would be shocked if it took that long. Three years max. My mother-in-law is becoming quite the handful when it comes to her pain meds. This situation is pulling my husband apart. He wants to be down there to help out and shake his finger at his mom so bad he keeps mentally shaking his finger at me. And, no, of course I don’t deserve it. Whatever would make you think that!

The other reason I know we will be moving to Florida is – because I REALLY WANT TO! It is warm there. It is not warm here. At least not enough for me. And the snow. I mean, really. Has anyone ever asked Mother Nature if snow is even necessary? It seems a total waste of water to me. Just dump that whole damn lot of it in the ocean. It will counter that whole global warming thing. See I solved that in, what?, less than a minute. Come on, Mother Nature. Get with the program!

I’m thinking St. Augustine. He is thinking closer to Jacksonville. Guess which one of us is going to win that argument. Go ahead. Guess.

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