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My Car Has An Invisible Bullseye

You laugh, but I believe it is true. Though I can’t figure out whether it is invisibly painted on the front or the back.

Three weeks ago, a deer JUST APPEARED OUT OF THE DARK, RAINY NIGHT right next to my car. I slammed on the brakes and the deer bounced around the front end of my car. From the damage it looked like he did a four-hoofed tap dance across the hood while simultaneously doing the bump and grind on my front headlight and bumper. He was a very talented deer. He also was a damn hard to kill deer as he ran off into the woods after his flashdance.

It took a week and half to get my car back from the body shop.

I had that car for no more than a week and I was rear-ended at a stop sign…which I also had trouble stopping (mostly because I forgot it was there). No damage to his truck (thank goodness!!), but my car’s rear-end definitely had damage. It is drivable and I will be taking it back into the body shop for repairs.

HOWEVER (!) yesterday I was driving home and this cute little old lady driving a little old lady type sedan did a U-ey right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and barely missed T-boning her (and only then because I turned the car toward the side of the road).

I’m thinking I need a whole new paint job…or I might be putting the body shop repairman’s kids through college.

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