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Met a woman awhile ago who informed me that her blood type indicated she was from another planet. I asked what type was she. She replied, “A negative.” That was the sanest thing she said to me on that insane stressed out day.

Why bring it up, you ask?

It’s been an A negative kind of day.

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So Not Terrible Exciting, But Somewhat Exciting For Me

So I have not been too happy with this Operation Jiggle Less thing I have going as I haven’t lost enough weight near fast enough. I lost something like a quarter of a pound. I was getting thoroughly discouraged. I have been keeping within my calorie count and diligently doing exercise everyday even though I could definitely find something else to do with my time and my body was just not cooperating. A quarter of a pound. Hell, a quarter of anything gets you very little if nothing. Then – I lost a whole pound all of a sudden. And yes, I weigh myself at the same time every day. Only this time I stared at the scale. Actually I got off the scale and tried it again. Just in case, you know, it was kidding around. Making a joke at my expense. Took me a few seconds more to come to the conclusion that my menstrual cycle was to blame – well, I had to blame something, right? Right?

That might have been a little TMI.

Anyhoo –

Operation Jiggle Less is coming along as it were and I am waiting impatiently for my new job to start. I went to a luncheon yesterday with my fellow new registered nurse graduates. It was an awkward, embarrassing, anxiety-producing two hours. Out of that I managed to give my phone number to three complete strangers and agreed to do a social get-together in early March. I think I was temporarily possessed.

Next week starts the official orientation period to becoming a real-working-with-people-as-in-their-lives-depend-upon-me nurse.

I think I need to go lie down.


17 Days ‘Till My Reality Check

In seventeen days my last semester of college starts. 17 days!

My anxiety is in overdrive.

Last semester damn near killed me. Between clinicals, class, family and trying to stuff volumes of knowledge in my middle-aged brain, a mid-life crisis sounded like a fascinating thing to try.

This semester looks to be equally as daunting. Then there is that nasty licensing exam to take after graduation. As if 600 hours clinical experience, 700 hours in class, and twice that studying was enough to assure I won’t kill anyone, they tack on a mindnumbingly stressful exam. So, to recap, I could have spent the past two years of my life having patients poop, spit, pee, and vomit on me only to find out – by failing one exam – that I am not qualified to be pooped, spit, peed, or vomited upon.

On the flip side, if I pass I’ll have a license to use long, pointy needles.


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Glad To Be Living In This Century

Moved my mother and step-dad to Florida a month ago. Actually me, my husband, my son, my step-brother, and his daughter + a “friend” helped load up two trucks so they could drive themselves to Florida. It was a very long 12 hour day of back-breaking work. Or in my case, foot-killing, as I have plantar fasciitis. And an even longer 30+ hours for them with that long drive tacked on at the end.

So for only the second time in my life, I do not live near my mother. I got to tell you it feels a little odd. We aren’t a close-knit family. I have tons of cousins living in the nearby area (within 50 miles). I do not see/talk/hear from any of them. I am not shunning them. They are not shunning me. We just are not close family-wise. And my mother and I are not of the talk everyday type, but I have always known she was nearby. Well, there was that year she spent in Mississippi, but…I don’t really count that because it was one of those flamingly horrific mistakes we don’t talk about much like fight club! (Sorry movie reference)

At the same time that it feels odd, it also feels okay. With social media so prevalent (aka I am blogging!) my mother and I still are in touch with each other, even if that “in touch” means we troll facebook, twitter (or my blog! hint hint) for information. Is that the same as seeing each other face-to-face? No, but I don’t feel the need to be present all the time and I know she does not either. She is a you-come-to-me type homebody. Not a bad thing, just means the visits were longer if I went to her house than if she came to mine.

My generation is luckier than the generations that came before. We can be long distances away from our family and still be able to reach out and connect. Social media, cell phones, skype, apple’s facetime are all ways we can ignore distances and nurture relationships.

I am so glad to be living in this century.

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Apparently I Think I Am Superwoman

Have you ever looked at your schedule and gone  *eyes bulging*  WTF?!

Yeah, that is where I’m at right now. I mean, really, who actually thought I could get all that accomplished…oh, wait…

Then you realize you did it to yourself and now is the time to put up or shut up…

This is me. Shutting up because I have a lot, and by a lot I mean a hellaciously large amount, of things to do today.

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