First Week

Hospitals invest a lot in their new graduate nurses. Most have a residency/orientation program which can last anywhere from 3-12 months depending upon the unit in which the new graduate nurse will be working. It can cost upwards of $82,000 for each new graduate nurse in the program. Which is why most require their new grads to sign a contract of at least two years in duration in an attempt to justify that cost. It is also why hospitals do not hire very many new grads.

For my residency, I just finished my first week of orientation as a new graduate nurse. I expected to be overwhelmed – expectation confirmed. I did not expect to be sitting on my butt all day. The first week was a lot of powerpoint presentations, lectures, and teambuilding exercises. In other words, it felt a lot like nursing school without the improbable syllabi. I will also point out they were paying me rather than the other way around – a situation I much prefer!

Next week I will be on the unit for a couple of shifts, so the real work begins – cue nervous twitching.


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So Not Terrible Exciting, But Somewhat Exciting For Me

So I have not been too happy with this Operation Jiggle Less thing I have going as I haven’t lost enough weight near fast enough. I lost something like a quarter of a pound. I was getting thoroughly discouraged. I have been keeping within my calorie count and diligently doing exercise everyday even though I could definitely find something else to do with my time and my body was just not cooperating. A quarter of a pound. Hell, a quarter of anything gets you very little if nothing. Then – I lost a whole pound all of a sudden. And yes, I weigh myself at the same time every day. Only this time I stared at the scale. Actually I got off the scale and tried it again. Just in case, you know, it was kidding around. Making a joke at my expense. Took me a few seconds more to come to the conclusion that my menstrual cycle was to blame – well, I had to blame something, right? Right?

That might have been a little TMI.

Anyhoo –

Operation Jiggle Less is coming along as it were and I am waiting impatiently for my new job to start. I went to a luncheon yesterday with my fellow new registered nurse graduates. It was an awkward, embarrassing, anxiety-producing two hours. Out of that I managed to give my phone number to three complete strangers and agreed to do a social get-together in early March. I think I was temporarily possessed.

Next week starts the official orientation period to becoming a real-working-with-people-as-in-their-lives-depend-upon-me nurse.

I think I need to go lie down.


Operation Jiggle Less Update

So, this is week three of Operation Jiggle Less. I am officially over this whole exercise thing. Moving fast – okay, not fast, but certainly faster than my norm – is not my fav thing to do. Getting sweaty, sticky, and stinky are not either. My 5K app is geared toward people using it every other day. I have been using it almost daily. I am on week 4’s regimen after only using the app for two full weeks. It is definitely getting harder each time and I am having to coach myself more to keep going. My argument for doing it daily is at this point I am only exercising 30 minutes, which I should be doing at least that much daily anyway. This works, so I am sticking with it. At some point I will be taking it outside and running on pavement, which might facilitate my doing it every other day to avoid injuries.

Not having too much trouble with the calorie counting. I have been staying right around my 1200 calorie allotment fairly easily. Actually yesterday, the app I use to track calories told me I wasn’t eating enough, so I had to eat more. That has never happened before.

My success so far: I lost two pounds this past week, another inch off my hips and waist. My BMI is no longer in the 30’s.

So fine, since I do not have a good excuse to quit, -is there such a thing?- I will keep on keeping on.


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Success…To A Degree

Weighed myself today. I lost half pound of pudge. Well, actually the scale registered a 0.5 pound total weight loss, but only 0.2 of that was fat. Yeah, I have one of those type of scales. I lost a 1/2 inch around my hips and almost a 1/2 inch around my waist.


And I’m happy…to a degree. I want to lose more (doesn’t everyone), so I decided to reduce my caloric intake by 200 calories a day. That will reduce my weekly total by 1400. 200 isn’t that much – a couple of biscuits.

My new app says that should increase my weight loss to two pounds a week. I have no plans to lose more than that on a weekly basis. I do want to stay healthy…and I do not want to gain any of it back!


App Girl

I got a new app. Actually I have tons of apps. I am an Apple fangirl. Thinking about buying a Mac computer in a few months – doing the desktop vs laptop argument right now with myself. But back to my new app. It is a calorie/exercise tracker app.

I have been doing Weight Watchers for a couple of years on and off. Been mostly off for six months or so until recently. Weight Watchers, I love ya, but we just don’t have the same mojo going this time around. I need more than just your very handy points system. It is easy, but it is just not cutting it for me this time. Don’t get me wrong, Weight Watchers works. It has worked for me numerous times. The downside is I have to continue using their system indefinitely in order to maintain the right weight. I am not learning anything – I am just plugging in for points.

It’s not you, it’s me. Please understand, I need more than your point system, your cheat sheets, your forums. I need…


Hence, the new app. This sucker tracks my calories, protein, fat, carbs, sugar and nutrient intake. It tells me how much I should be consuming and how close I am to my target. It also tracks my exercise by telling how many calories I burned. Then it does this wonderful calculation and tells me how much weight I should lose in the next five weeks. Now that is motivation.

And for me – it seriously is all about motivation!

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Executive Decision

Yesterday I made an executive decision to switch from the elliptical to my Wii Fitness routine. It takes the same amount of time, but has a longer warm up/cool down period. Then today I went back to the elliptical. Here is what I found out (which everyone else probably knows):

  • My running (if going fast on the elliptical could be called running) went smoother today then it did two days ago.
  • My abs hurt, but they have stopped being the fire-breathing dragon I endured yesterday.
  • My arms and chest hurt today (thanks to the pushups), but that did not affect being on the elliptical which was very nice.
  • I’m hoping the arms holdup tomorrow when I switch back to the Wii Fitness routine.

After having my epiphany today, I did some research. Apparently fitness experts say the body needs to rest in between workouts, change it up, blah blah blah.

I’m not going to lie to you, Margaret, exercising still sucks. I do not like doing it. I do not want to do it. But I think I can do it, and will do it, which is the important part.

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The Day After Sucks

Yesterday before I went to bed, I felt a little sore. This morning I had trouble rolling over in bed! I’m not sure which hurts worse, my inner thighs or my hips…and oh, gawd, my abs! I understand my legs hurting and my hips, but I completely underestimated – as in didn’t think of it at all – what it would do to my abs. Eating breakfast hurt. At first I thought maybe my period was coming early, like two weeks early with fire-breathing, muscle clenching I-think-I’m-going-to-cry cramps. But no. My body is rebelling against Operation Jiggle Less with enthusiasm.

Maybe 25 minutes was too long. Maybe I should have started with, oh, five minutes of intense walking.

But I am not a quitter – which is unfortunate, as this whole thing would be so much easier if I was – so Operation Jiggle Less is still a go.


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